Blue Collar Back Office is expanding again! We are looking to hire a new team member to help bring value to our clients. With that being said, today we cover some things that potential candidates may be looking for when on the hunt for a new job. We also cover the topic of path dependence. Change isn’t easy, but sometimes it is necessary to help you and your company reach their potential.

Many companies are hiring right now. What are the type of working environments that candidates are looking for? First, we want to create an environment where employees can be themselves. Job-seekers value an inclusive company culture. Research shows inclusive workplaces are six times more likely to innovate, and employees who feel they can be themselves at work are 42 percent more likely to stay. Next, the desire for career growth is at an all-time high. Eighty percent of people planning to switch jobs post-pandemic said it’s because they’re worried about career advancement. The more confident employees are in achieving their career objectives, the more likely they are to stay.

Path dependence is an economic term that describes when people make decisions based on a sequence of past decisions or events rather than based on current conditions. Imagine someone suggests changing bank accounts for a better experience — if your first thought is “Ugh, but I’d have to change all my auto payments!” — that’s path dependence. To put it another way, change isn’t easy. We know that most new businesses set up their services in the first two years of business, but only 7% switch suppliers in a given year.

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