Ever hear the saying “Nice guys finish last?” Apparently, it is not entirely true. At least according to Andrew Whitworth of the Los Angeles Rams who credits their organizational culture as a big reason why the team won. What Andrew describes is the rule of positive psychology, and it doesn’t only work for NFL teams, it can work for yours too! Today we share some rules on how to cultivate it in your company.

During the Super Bowl LVI postgame interviews most players gave the usual typical responses like “I knew this was a special team,” but Andrew Whitworth had a different take. He had this to say:

“I think this is a unique environment,” Whitworth said in a postgame interview, speaking about the culture Rams coach Sean Mcvay and his staff have built. “We’re relaxed. We have fun. It’s energetic. We don’t have coaches out there screaming at people. That’s not allowed on our field. It’s about having energy and positivity and belief that no matter what happens on one snap, the next snap’s the next best one you can have. I think guys come in, they believe in it and they appreciate that opportunity to be in an environment where they’re encouraged to just be themselves and go out and do what they do.”

The rule of positive psychology is simple. It basically states:

When you build an environment focused on nurture, positive reinforcement, and highlighting strengths and potential, you help people to be the best version of themselves.

But how do you follow the rule of positive psychology in your organization?

It’s easier said than done, but you can start by implementing a few more rules at your workplace. For example:

The help first rule: If you’re in a difficult situation, and you notice someone else is too, try helping first.

The rule of recognition: Your default setting is to focus on what a person does right, and make a point to commend the person for those positive actions, sincerely and specifically.

The rule of turning critical into constructive: Transform your critical feedback by adding one word. Ask: “Can I share some constructive feedback with you?”

The rule of reappraisal: When you feel overwhelmed, don’t focus on what you have ahead of you. Instead, look back on what you already accomplished, and use that to motivate you.

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