Ever dream of starting your own business? You are not alone! According to a new study done by QuickBooks they project as many as 17 million new small businesses could be set up in 2022. The prediction comes from a recent survey of 8,000 U.S. employees, commissioned by QuickBooks in November 2021. The survey reveals that almost three out of five (57%) want to start a business and of these, one in five (20%) will make the leap in 2022 — equivalent to around 17 million people.

An overwhelming 83% of people who want to start a business say COVID accelerated their plans. This is either because they spotted a new opportunity online during the pandemic or because it made them rethink their priorities. Other reasons people gave for wanting to become business owners include:

“To be my own boss.”

“To have more control over my future.”

“To earn more money than I could by working for someone else.”

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