How can we help with your day-to-day accounting operations

by | Mar 24, 2018 | General

Can you really help me?

Building a team to oversee your day-to-day accounting operations can be both pricey & difficult. If you are a smaller business and do not have the need to hire a full-time staff, it could be very difficult to find the right person with the skill set of 4 – 5 employees to accomplish your office workflow.  When you hire a staff you have to think about the actual costs involved.  You may only be considering the wages of that employee, but did you forget about the cost of benefits, insurance, PTO, overhead, IT, overtime, taxes and a huge one…TIME & EFFORT. A $50,000.00 employee could actually cost you closer to $80,000.00.  I am not kidding around here, an employee that you thought was $24.00 / hour is really $38.00 / hour after adding back in all the “other costs” associated with hiring an employee.

Let’s dive into the actual TIME & EFFORT (aka T&E) it would take to get an employee up to speed your company’s workflow. We’ve had numerous clients switched over to Blue Collar Back Office because T&E was high on their list of something they couldn’t afford to lose.  Let’s explore your options.  You can hire a part-time bookkeeper that is unqualified & unreliable yet inexpensive. Alternatively, you could hire a full accountant/bookkeeper, which is usually expensive and may be inadequate to reach the potential of wearing all the hats necessary to offset their price tag.   Lastly, you can hire your CPA firm to organize & reclassify your books but usually expensive and most of the time MIA because let’s face it, accountants have many clients and they are doing more than just scratching the surface of their books.  They are spending hours diving deep into each of their customer’s books being resourceful and putting all their ongoing training to good use.  I don’t even have to explain that it will be really hard to get in touch with them around tax season, that’s a given.

After you have had time to consider all of your options I’m positive, like many of our clients, you are shocked by these results.  I’d like to also add that T&E includes opportunity costs.  The time you spend training an employee means less time out in the field growing your business, getting sales, quality control and keeping your customers happy.  You may hire someone that you put all this T&E growing and then out of the blue they are gone.  More importantly, you have to like that person too.  What if after all this time you decide they are not the right fit for you or the company?  Now you have labor & state laws to brush up on.

Partnering with us comes with the benefit of a seasoned team.  You don’t have to spend the time training or worrying that we won’t show up tomorrow.  Each day, your team will be performing your accounting tasks in real time.  You also don’t have to worry about a staff member being sick or on vacation.  The beauty of outsourcing your accounting is that someone will always be remotely monitoring your day-to-day accounting operations.

So back to my original question, why partner with Blue Collar Back Office?  Its simple, we consider ourselves an extended member of your team and we will always put your best interest first.