In both our professional and personal lives, we are at all times either being proactive or reactive. A proactive approach allows us to take more control and have more influence in outcomes.

The benefits of being proactive includes the following:

  • With your clients
    • Seeking out ways to add value
    • Providing data / reports / etc. BEFORE they ask
  • With your employees
    • Recognition
    • Raises/Bonuses
  • How you manage and schedule your day
    • Calendar
    • Effective time blocking
    • Saying NO more often (every time you say yes you are saying no to something else)
  • Your finances
    • Savings and planning
  • Personal time
    • Learning, reading, etc. or watching Netflix????
  • Only time it is better to be reactive – Sports?? Maybe?
    • Even they have a plan of attack and adjust accordingly

It is impossible to Proactive 100% of the time, but the higher percentage of time you spend in a proactive state, the better your results will be.

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