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Quickbooks: The Answer to Your Bookkeeping Fears


How are you currently managing bookkeeping for your small business? Paper and filing folders? Excel spreadsheets? Better yet, are you working off of a pile of receipts by tax time?

Bookkeeping is one of the biggest headaches any small business owner faces, because most are also doing a majority of the hands-on work for the company. If you’re working hard all day on a project, do you really want to head back to the office afterwards? Of course not. No one does!

That’s why so many small business owners are terrified of tax season. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with finances, payroll, deductions, purchases, sales, and income while you’re working ten hour days. You started a business because you are passionate about (and great at) what you do. You probably didn’t expect the additional responsibility of becoming your own accountant and auditor, and you likely don’t want it.

The Answer to Your Bookkeeping Fears

Quickbooks is the easiest, fastest way to remove a large chunk of the added tasks that business ownership presents. Here are just a few things that Quickbooks can help you do, all in one central software location:

  • Track all transactions and bank records
  • Manage inventory, vendor, and customer data
  • Create and send invoices or purchase orders and manage accounts to follow up for payment
  • Manage payroll, including taxes and deductions
  • Keep track of finances in real-time to ensure you’re ready for tax season
  • Review accounts, profits and losses, and more at-a-glance

Aside from the relief Quickbooks provides, it also puts money back into your pocket. Not only can you easily see where money is owed, but you save hours of time each week that can be spent working on projects or obtaining new business.

What do your current assets, liabilities, and equity look like? Do you use a cash- or accrual-based system for managing your finances?

If you can’t answer these questions on the spot, then Quickbooks is your answer.

Managing the Software

Some of you may be thinking that software can’t manage itself—and you’re right. Software still has to be managed by a human being. Quickbooks makes managing these things a whole lot easier, but there’s another step that can completely remove your bookkeeping headache for good.

Outsourcing your Quickbooks management is efficient, affordable, and easy. Experienced consultants can provide all the support you need to make sure that your finances are in order all year long, from payroll to expenses.

If you’re ready to find relief from your bookkeeping nightmares, let Blue Collar Back Office do the bookwork so you can get back to the heavy lifting. You’re the expert, and your business needs you on the job. Hand off the backend work to a different set of experts and spend more time doing what you love.

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