by | May 30, 2018 | Quickbooks

How Can Quickbooks Help Your Business?


Since 1992, Quickbooks has been the most popular financial management software for small businesses, and for good reason. The system contains nearly everything needed to get a business off the ground, and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

You may already have a system in place to manage invoices, payroll, and transactions, but you may not realize that it’s taking precious time or money from the hard work you’re doing in the field.

Alternately, you may be launching a new business and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of handling finances.

Either way, Quickbooks can solve many of your business’s problems, or improve upon the solutions you already have in place.

Make More Money-The ultimate goal for all businesses is to make more money. Here’s how Quickbooks can help:

Time is Money-Invoicing without a software system can take days for a business with even a handful of customers. The hours spent creating invoices and sending them to recipients could better be spent working on new projects. Quickbooks makes invoicing a snap, producing invoices and sending them out in minutes, instead of hours. It also makes it easy to follow up with customers who haven’t paid and automate bills for repeating charges.

Quickbooks babysits your finances. Having a hard time keeping up with the ups and downs of your finances? Quickbooks gives you the ability to stop wading through numbers trying to figure out if you’re in the red or in the black. Dashboards and reports give you an instant view of your profits and losses, giving you more time on the job and confidence in making new deals.

Let technology do the work-Many small businesses still store finances on offline spreadsheets, logging information manually. This not only takes an excessive amount of time, but leaves your finances open to error—leading to more time and more money lost. Quickbooks can automate your system to save time and ensure accuracy.

Keep your information in one place.

For many of us, bookkeeping looks like this.

  • Receive payments via paper mail
  • Open spreadsheet or payment record
  • Log into bank account
  • Cross-reference information
  • Fill out spreadsheet or payment record
  • File payments in physical folder
  • Drive to bank to deposit checks

This takes at least an hour, but likely more for most. Quickbooks can do all of this in minutes, saving you time and money (and gas!). Additionally, it helps cut down on user error. Imagine returning from the bank to learn the power went out and you forgot to save your spreadsheet!

Stop hating the IRS-No one likes tax time, but small business owners tend to feel the hit more than anyone. Even with the help of an accountant, gathering information from the last twelve months is a hassle, especially when you’re stuck using spreadsheets or paper records. Quickbooks makes it easy to manage your business taxes, whether you’re doing your own or paying an accountant. Your accountant will thank you too, if you hand over a Quickbooks report instead of a stack of invoices and receipts.

Get money when you need it-Most small businesses will need a loan at some point. Quickbooks makes it easy to gather the information that a bank might need to evaluate your eligibility for a loan quickly, saving you time and effort while giving a clear picture of the state of your finances.

Be More Efficient-Quickbooks is a simple solution to many of the hurdles contractors face every day. You didn’t get into this field because you wanted to sit at a desk all day. So get up and get out there, knowing that your business is being safely managed and stored in trustworthy software.

If you’re ready to embrace Quickbooks, it’s also a great idea to reach out to an expert that can help manage the software for less than the salary of a secretary. Or, if you already have a great secretary, let the pros take over the accounting so they can help you drum up new business leads!